Simple Tips To Promote Your Social Networks Successfully

In these times there is so much misleading advertising on the web, it is increasingly difficult to promote a business or brand through social networks. For those of us who have a “product” to promote, Social Networks are essential for its promotion.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! It is also not an impossible task to gain the attention of viewers or potential consumers. You just have to know how to organize yourself and keep in mind that most of the information that the human being retains is by visual means.

It is proven that the best way to make good publicity on your Social Networks is with the use of infographics and other audiovisual media . Thus, you entertain your audience while you inform them about your product.

It is not such a difficult strategy, in fact I assure you that it will even be entertaining for you to create this type of content. You just have to know how to choose the right tool with which you feel most comfortable, and follow these tips that will allow you to improve the visual content for social networks!

1. Evaluate and recognize the correct formats

When developing a good strategy to include visual content for Social Networks, you must first recognize the format that will benefit your publications .

There are many alternatives that you can consider, including infographics, videos, promotional posts, photographs, etc. You do not have to select only one, but you must be careful in which ones can be your strong point and which ones are not.

The photographs are attractive in a way. By posting photos of you with your partners or with the employees of your business doing everyday things, (Example: having lunch together in the office) you humanize your brand in a certain way. With this, you somehow touch the sensitivity of the viewer, seeing you as a person like them and not as a product.

The videos are great! Currently, people who browse the different Social Networks have preferences to watch a video rather than to read an informative post. In a way, the information is more direct and attractive to them.

Infographics are also great ways to promote your brand. In a single image you can describe many things related to your product. You could capture the benefits of your brand and what makes you different from others. And if you have the creative gift, the sky is the limit.

Even the inclusion of Memes can be beneficial for your project. The use of humor is a strategy that will bring you closer to your audience in a simple and human way .

2. Design Diagrams and Graphs

Certainly, one of the most effective strategies for the promotion of brands or products is the one that involves Graphs and Diagrams in your visual content for social networks. They are especially useful because they contain valuable information presented in an objective and orderly manner .

They are very helpful because they speed up the viewer’s understanding of what you want to communicate in your posts. Especially if it is extensive information that needs to be disseminated.

The use of charts is an effective strategy when displaying data. These grab the viewer’s attention by introducing colors and contrasts, these will make the information visually interesting.

This type of visuals also generates trust in the target audience towards you and your brand , so take it into account!

3. Let’s talk about Infographics and Illustrations

This is another very effective way to spread content about your brand on Social Networks, as well as being very popular among creators of content for Digital Marketing. And there is an excellent reason for it!

Infographics are ideal for talking about informative content that you cannot summarize, you can include them in graphs or diagrams. However, it can be summarized to display it in an organized and concise way . You know, so as not to tire the reader.

This type of visual support in publications is much more likely to be read than an entry or publication written in Blogs or Social Networks.

You can even combine infographics with videos! Take advantage of the time that platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter give for the reproduction of advertising. They are ideal social networks to place an infographic with audiovisuals.

You don’t need to be a professional designer to create infographics yourself. There are applications that specialize in creating audiovisual presentations , such as Visme. They handle a simple and friendly interface, with a wide variety of tools that will allow you to design like a professional. Plus, it’s FREE!

Take for example this infographic about the famous television series “Game of Thrones” . You could create posts with the topics that are in vogue or “trending” worldwide and make it irresistible to your audience.

4. Have a defined color palette for visual content

This tip is extremely important, especially when making infographics, illustrations, graphs and diagrams. The good selection of colors is essential for these visual supports to have the effectiveness you are looking for.

With this strategy you build a shortcut between your brand and the needs , how to attend and understand the needs and tastes of your audience.

It is not complicated to select and use the correct colors. You must do a little study to know what they transmit and what each one of them makes your viewers feel. Some examples are: Red to convey power , Orange to convey creativity, empathy, etc.

But also keep in mind to use your corporate colors . This in order that the audience can associate it with your brand.

5. If it turns out that you include videos in your publications

If you decide to use videos in your Social Media strategies, one of the things you should do is assume that the viewer is not listening to the video . Most people who play videos on social media do so with the sound off.

The point of taking this into account is that your video can be appreciated with the same intensity whether it is listened to or not.

Also remember to select the correct shape and sizes for the social network where you are going to broadcast the video. Familiarize yourself with the specifications or dimensions of each of them before you start creating visual content.

As expected in these digital times, most of the visual content for Social Networks is viewed from cell phones . So consider making videos with the proper formats for this purpose.

Of course, don’t forget to make your video the ideal length for each platform . A video that lasts more than a few minutes will be tedious for the viewer, but one that focuses only on the speed of the message will not be understood.

Simple, to help you with that, here are examples of ideal durations for each platform where you display your brand video:

  • Facebook: 50 seconds
  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • Twitter: 45 seconds
  • Youtube: 2 minutes

And of course, put energy in the beginning of the video , this is what will make the viewer stay for more. The first three seconds are decisive.

Take your Social Media strategy to another level with these tips.

If you want to do independent work, just learn these tips and put them into practice to achieve the goal.

It is very important that you know that the publications destined for social networks must be constant! The content, even if it was excellent and they liked it a lot, would take a back seat if you do not publish similar content on your digital media with some regularity.

It’s never too late to advertise your product, for yourself. You can do it today (better early than very late) in an hour, in a minute, all with due dedication.

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