5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Work in 2021

The digital marketing landscape is changing rapidly. There is a constant need for change in digital marketing as technologies evolve at a rapid pace. Marketers need to change their marketing strategies to weed out ineffective tactics or advertisements that did not work as expected. Agencies like ROI Marketing continue to enjoy rapid growth by adapting to these changes.

Unlike traditional marketing, you need to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends or fall behind in the online race. Here we have discussed five digital marketing strategies that will work in 2021.

Increased Use of Social Media Marketing

According to the January 2020 survey, Australia has around 18 million social media users. The social media penetration in Australia stands at 71%. Between April 2019 and January 2020, there was a 4.3% growth in social media users. There was an increase of 735,000 social media users during this period.
Looking at the popularity of social media platforms in Australia, businesses in Australia must focus more on social media marketing to reach the target audience. During Covid-19, businesses across the world saw a drop in sales. The pandemic period witnessed an increase in social media traffic as people were locked in their homes due to lockdowns and travel restrictions announced by the Australian government.
The consumer shift to social media platforms has granted businesses a golden opportunity to engage and retain customers through social media marketing. A digital marketing agency in Australia can develop a good content plan, post regularly, monitor engagement, and drive customer responses.

Focus on Local SEO

According to a report published on June 30, 2019, Australia had 2,375,753 actively trading businesses in its economy. In 2018-19, the Australian economy witnessed 2.7% growth in the number of businesses.

Suppose if you own a local business in Australia, you need to ensure your local business listings are verified on all search engines. Australia’s search engine market share shows Google holds 94.24% market share while the rest is shared by Bing (3.88%) and Yahoo (0.75%).

It is common for users to search for local businesses on the World Wide Web before visiting the store. Your Google My Business listing will present the prospective customer with the right information like the name of your business, address, phone number, email address, website address, and working hours.

Google My Business Listings also show customer testimonials that leave a positive image in the customer’s mind. The local business listings also prove useful when users search for businesses with keywords like “< business type > near me”. For example, plumbing services near me, a dentist near me, and similar keywords.

Tap the Power of Voice Search

According to January 2020 findings, Australia has 32.89 million mobile connections. From January 2019 to 2020, Australia added 407,000 new mobile connections. Ask any smartphone user; voice search is relatively easy on mobile devices. It allows users to search for products and services by talking into a microphone, and Google Voice Search does the rest.

Google has reported 20% of voice searches on Android devices and its apps. Voice-based search is slowly gaining popularity, and businesses need to be ready for this new trend.

To gain the maximum advantage of voice search, you need to hire the best digital marketing agency in Australia to optimize the content for voice search. The content needs to be conversational and direct to ensure it accurately syncs with voice search. Optimizing your content for voice search will help you stay relevant, boost traffic, and improve online visibility.

Segmentation to Increase Retention

According to marketing experts, businesses need to spend less money on retaining customers in comparison to getting new ones. Hence, marketers focus more on the later stages of buyer journeys. A happy customer will tell good things about your business to near and dear ones. In simple words, it is like getting free word of mouth publicity that will attract more customers.
After the sale, you need to continue engagement with the customer through promotional emails or social media. Make sure you keep the customer updated about any organizational changes or processes that might impact your relationship.
By gathering data and segmenting customers, you can deliver products and services more effectively.

Create More Interactive Content

Interactive content is popular among Internet users as it allows them to participate in it. According to marketing experts, interactive content is not limited to the WOW factor alone. It can also serve different business purposes. Some examples of interactive content are quizzes, video experiences, polls, and many more activities.

Interactive content can bring the brand’s vision to life and give the audience to participate in your journey. It leads to deeper engagement with customers that increase customer satisfaction.

The list of marketing strategies for 2021 does not end here. However, these marketing strategies are great to start with and increase traffic and generate sales in 2021.

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