What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing

Nobody has the slightest doubt that the mobile phone has become our inseparable companion, we use it to play, photograph, record, as a clock, alarm clock, music player and sometimes even to call. We all have a cell phone and its possession has become essential. Therefore, these media offer great advertising potential to brands to reach customers.

The brand segment has changed and the focus has shifted towards mobile devices in search of consumers.

From this need arises Mobile Marketing, they are all marketing actions designed for mobile devices. But not only are digital marketing techniques considered, this new variant of marketing is given by the success of mobile telephony, the ease of access to the internet it offers, and the great capacity to attract and retain customers, allowing strategies to be proposed also in offline media.

Types Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

There are various types of mobile marketing actions that are available to Marketing Managers.

As always, you are going to look for the highest return on investment (ROI) so we are going to mention the most interesting ones.

Mobile Marketing App

Brand applications favor the perception of innovation, the improvement of sales results via in-app, the acquisition of customers, and the loyalty of regular consumers.

In-app Ads

Many define in-app advertising as the future of advertising. Rather, it has already landed a long time ago. They are 100% adapted formats and only visible on mobile devices. Many apps include in-app ads to defray costs and make the mobile application free for the user.

Vertical Video Marketing

Navigation via mobile phones and tablets involves the use of vertical screens. Creating this type of vertical video is a creative challenge and a growing tool that is still a little exploited. Snapchat and Periscope are social networks that already use this video format. In addition to the constant Instagram enhancement integrations.

GEO Mobile Marketing

SMEs will see their opportunity in geolocated keywords. 30% of searches have a local purpose to know where to eat, sleep and more, and half are actions that you want to do in the next hour.

Mobile Email Marketing

45% of emails in the world are opened from a mobile device. This is almost half the annual volume. Email marketing is one of the actions that offer the best return on investment to advertisers, so it is not possible that the efforts made in email marketing are lost by not designing responsive emails. It is important to always design your email creatives with mobile in mind.


Adapt banner display formats to mobile dimensions, all information must be optimized to attract the attention of customers in really reduced formats. Furthermore, this technology allows us to segment to define the models of mobile devices that we want to show our advertising.

Social Ads

Investment in advertising on social networks continues to grow. It’s easier than ever to launch micro-segmented ad campaigns targeting only the target. Also, increasingly facilitated by artificial intelligence and chatbots.

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