What Is AppleTV+?

With AppleTV+, the computer manufacturer Apple wants to immerse itself in the world of streaming services for film and television. With a selection of their own productions, they want to offer an alternative to the top dogs from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

What is AppleTV+ exactly?

The smartphone manufacturer from Cupertino bundles its streaming offer in the area of ​​films and series under the name AppleTV+. So far, Apple users have only been able to rent or buy their series and films via the iTunes platform. With AppleTV+, you now have the option of accessing exclusive series and films for a monthly fee.

What content does AppleTV+ offer?

Apple has had its own content produced specifically for AppleTV+. Exclusive series, films and documentaries. With well-known actors and first-class producers, one hopes to get top-class content as well. A small overview of what content is waiting for you can be found here .

How much does AppleTV+ cost?

The streaming service from Cupertino costs 4.99 euros per month. And can be used by 6 family members. If you want to see if you like the series and films beforehand, you can try the service for seven days free of charge before completing the subscription.

In addition, everyone who buys a new iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or AppleTV gets AppleTV+ for free for a year.

How to receive AppleTV+?

AppleTV+ can be watched through the free AppleTV app. These are available for iOS and macOS. Accordingly, the service is limited to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and AppleTV devices. The cheapest way to watch AppleTV+ is to buy the AppleTV streaming box . Not only is the purchase price low. With the purchase, you also get a year of AppleTV+ for free.

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